Can we just take a minute to appreciate what an amazing person Rapunzel’s father is? We see him for just a few short sections without him talking at all and can already tell what an amazing person he is. Look at the first gif. You can FEEL how heartbroken he is because he thinks that his wife is going to die. You can see in his face how much he loves her with his whole heart and you can see that if he could somehow take her place instead, he would. He holds his wife’s hand tighter and doesn’t want her to lose that grip. He wants her here with him and he will do anything for that to happen. In the second gif you can see that he is just hoping that this magic flower will work. You can tell he’s still very concerned for his wife. His head is on the back of her head and he slowly lifts her head up and you can tell that in his mind he is thinking “Please let this work. Please. I can’t lose you. I need you,” and maybe he is thinking, “You are my dream” just like Rapunzel was Eugene’s dream. You can just tell that he is a wonderful, loving, sweet, honest man.

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